For years Twitter has censored, shadowbanned and deleted top conservative accounts on the platform.

For years they said it was because of hate speech or fake news or unapproved opinions. Twitter would then be proven wrong on almost everything they previously censored.

Twitter deleted The Gateway Pundit, President Trump, James O’Keefe, Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, Infowars, and several prominent conservative accounts over the past 5 years. Most conservative accounts are censored or shadowbanned.

On Monday there was new hope that Twitter would change its fascist ways when Elon Musk became the company’s top shareholder.

On Tuesday Twitter squashed that noise and released a statement vowing to never let President Trump back on their platform again.
Free speech means nothing to these people.

The popular and brilliant Catturd weighed in earlier.

Don’t doubt me …

All the nice tweets from Twitter executives about @elonmusk today were fake AF … there’s a battle going on right now between the anti- free speech, woke Twitter leaders, who have lost 50% of their stock value – and Elon who’s trying to do the right thing.

— Catturd (@catturd2) April 5, 2022


Twitter just released a statement that basically says – we don’t care what the shareholders(owners of the company) and board members say – current woke management will do what we want.

I can’t stop laughing.

— Catturd (@catturd2) April 5, 2022

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