Who is really running the White House now?  Some communist America haters for sure.

Two days after asking Joe Biden to label concerned American parents as ‘domestic terrorists’, the president of the National School Boards Association (NSBA), Viola Garcia, to a federal board overseeing student progress.

Breitbart reports:

Viola Garcia was appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) earlier this month by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. The NAGB has oversight over the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), which “is the largest continuing and nationally representative assessment of what our nation’s students know and can do in subjects such as mathematics, reading, science, and writing.”

Garcia signed the controversial letter that asked Biden for federal assistance in reviewing threats against schools and administrators to determine if they violated the Patriot Act and other hate crime laws. The NSBA’s letter followed clashes between educators and upset parents over coronavirus policies and critical race theory being taught on campuses.

As Breitbart reported, “Citing threats to school officials and local school board members that have been received in the mail and via social media, NSBA ‘asks that a joint collaboration among federal law enforcement agencies, state and local law enforcement, and with public school officials be undertaken to focus on these threats.’”

According to emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, the NSBA was in talks with Biden administration officials in the weeks leading up to sending their letter.

This morning we reported that the states of Missouri and Ohio terminated their relationships with the NSBA because of Garcia’s letter.  Forty-eight more states should do the same.

BOOM! Missouri and Ohio Terminate National School Board Association Membership Over Letter Labeling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’

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