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Two transgender (biological males) high school track runners withdrew from the State Track and Field Championships on Friday following major backlash.

Athena Ryan and Lorelei Barrett were a no-show at Friday’s scheduled meet at Buchanan High in Clovis, California, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Last weekend a biological male athlete took home second place at a high school track and field competition in California.

Athena Ryan, a junior from Sonoma Academy (bio male), took the silver medal in the varsity girls’ 1,600-meter run during the North Coast Meet of Champions of California finals last Saturday.

The young lady who took fourth place after being cheated out of participating in the state championships because a male stole her spot, gave a ‘thumbs down’ in protest.


Trans-identifying male, Athena Ryan (Jr) took 2nd today in the “Girls 1600m” at a CA State Championship qualifier meet in Dublin, CA.

Ryan beamed while 4th place senior, Adeline Johnson gave a thumb down after losing the chance to advance to the State Championships by 1 spot.

— ICONS (@icons_women) May 21, 2023

REAL women showed up to protest the biological male who stole a spot from a girl.

Security removed the protestors for having a banner that read “Protect Female Sports.”

Video of security removing us for having a banner that read “Protect Female Sports.” You can hear in the video how spectators were unaware a boy had just stolen a spot from a girl at the state championship.@SF_TERF_CENTRAL @XxtraEstroGenny @icons_women #SaveWomensSports

— WomenAreReal (@WomenAreReals) May 21, 2023

The protests and backlash worked!

Two biological males – Athena Ryan and Lorelei Barrett – were a no-show to Friday’s state track championships.

Here are the two MEN who withdrew after immense pressure:

Athena Ryan

Lorelei Barrett

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