WGN video with pixilated Nazi flag.

A Ukraine supporter with a Nazi flag killed himself during a standoff with police in Chicago.

The local media conveniently forgot to mention the “nazi” also had a Ukraine flag on his roof.

Ukraine supporter with Nazi flag, flame thrower, gun kills himself in police standoff in Chicago. Oddly, the media and leftist residents are only able to notice one of his flags and not the other. https://t.co/8Y3mF8vHnH pic.twitter.com/8BD3iOChiO

— Truthbait Podcast (@Truthbait) June 3, 2023

Local Chicago media conveniently neglected to tell their readers that the man was a proud Ukraine supporter and also had a Ukraine flag flying next to his swastika.

Book Club Chicago reported:

A man with a gun, a flamethrower and a Nazi flag was found dead after an all day standoff with police Friday in Humboldt Park.

For weeks, neighbors have complained of a swastika flag being hung on scaffolding on the roof of a building in the 4100 block of West Chicago Avenue, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The swastika flag was up again Friday morning, when police responded to the scene of a man on the roof with a gun, a flamethrower and other weapons.

Police closed off a portion of Chicago Avenue near Pulaski Road, where the man could be heard either saying or playing a recording saying, “F– you, Chicago Police … I’m gonna kill you!” while blasting audio with the words “F– you” and a recording of “Eye of the Tiger.”

Around 3 p.m., Block Club reporters saw the man wielding a gun and pointing it around the rooftop as police and SWAT teams below attempted to communicate with him. The man blasted a loud siren in an apparent effort to drown out the officers.

Around 4 p.m., the door to the building was breached by authorities and two loud bangs were heard.

Authorities attempted to negotiate with the man, who had moved inside the building, but found him deceased inside, police said in a statement.

It is well known that the Azov Nazi battalion is a very powerful unit in the country’s military.

This is not a secret. In fact, Democrats spoke out about the Nazi unit – until Russia invaded the country.

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