The ultimate insult.

The Taliban wearing captured US military uniforms and carrying the Islamic flag mocked the US and Joe Biden by recreating the iconic US Iwo Jima photograph from World War II.

The Daily Mail reported:

A group of Taliban fighters released a collection of propaganda footage, including a photo where they mocked the famed World War II picture of soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima.

In the original 1945 photograph, a group of six Marines are depicted hosting the flag on Mount Suribachi.

The Taliban’s Badri 313 Battalion recreated the image this week.

In their version, a group of soldiers is seen hoisting the Taliban flag in a similar fashion while sporting U.S. weapons and gear that was likely stolen from allied militaries during patrols of Kabul.

The Taliban also released a video mocking the US wearing American military uniforms.

Taliban has released a video showing its fighters wearing US military uniforms and carrying US-made assault rifles taken from the stockpiles provided to the Afghan Army. The video seemingly mocking America was aired on propaganda

— Tushar Kant Naik ॐ♫₹ (@Tushar_KN) August 21, 2021

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