Unhinged liar Katie Hobbs submitted a junk opinion piece to the Washington Post on Tuesday.
The oped is littered with lies and conspiracies.  There is not one single fact about the audit included in the hit piece.  NOT ONE!
In fact, there really are no facts about anything in the opinion piece.  It is full of the same old stale arguments and racist rants against minorities not being capable of getting a voter ID.  There is not a single fact about anything.  It is just one long piece of narrative and propaganda.
Even for fake-news WaPo this was a sad display.
Here’s one direct quote, “My office won a court order to send impartial observers to the audit”.
Well first off, you were invited to the audit yourself, you chose not to go and you didn’t have to win anything in court to get the invite. Secondly, the “observers” you sent were top-level national activists, they were hardly impartial. 

AZ Audit Update: ONLY PERSON TO INFILTRATE Audit Floor was Ryan Macias – A Democrat Operative (VIDEO)

Here is another direct quote (these are pretty much the only two where she mentions ‘facts’):
“It’s an absurd spectacle. The proliferation of conspiracy theories is staggering: ballots are being disqualified because of Sharpies; ballots were shipped in from China; ballots were burned in a chicken-farm fire.”
Those wild and exaggerated claims have NOTHING to do with the Arizona Audit.
You would expect journalists to ask, what in the world do any of those claims have to do with an Arizona audit of machines and ballots?  But no.
Katie Hobbs is losing her touch and losing her mind.  This latest oped is pure garbage.
They must really be panicked.

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