A student at the University of Cincinnati alleges she received a zero on a project for using the term “biological women.”

In a now viral TikTok, Olivia Krolczyk shares, “I got a zero on a project proposal in my class because I used the term ‘biological women,’ which is apparently not allowed anymore.”

“She even said it was a good project proposal, but I got a zero because I used this term that’s  ‘exclusionary’ and not allowed any more so….”

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“And I 100% know that this is the most biased grade ever because my project is about transgenders competing in biological women’s sports.”

“How am I supposed to do my final project if I can’t use the word biological women, but that’s what my project is about.

@oliveourviewsEmailed her and was told using the term is transphobic be for real♬ original sound – oliveourviews

The New York Post reports:

The course instructed students to pick a topic related to feminism, with Krolczyk choosing to research the changes female athletes have experienced throughout history and the rights and opportunities they have been awarded and fought for in athletics.

Her project discussed things from the first woman to compete in the Olympic Games to the fight that female athletes like Riley Gaines are making for proposed changes to Title IX.

The chemistry major said her project ended by sharing how “these rights and opportunities are being threatened by allowing men to compete in women’s sports.”

Krolczyk told The Post, “The directions for the assignment in which I received a zero on specifically state, ‘This exercise is developmental. Thoughtful proposals submitted on time will receive full credit.’ I turned in my assignment on time and I can guarantee 100% that my proposal was extremely thoughtful.”

In follow-up video, Krolczyk says students across the county have reached out to her to share similar experiences. 

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