Gas in the state of Virginia hit an astonishing $7 a gallon this week.

The whopping price tag came after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency following the Colonial Pipeline ransom cyberattack.

8 News reporter Laura Perrot posted photos on Twitter from a BP gas station in Richmond where gas was $6.99 for 87 octane fuel. She noted that the price was not advertised until you made it to the pump.

$6.99/gallon. That’s how much the @bp_plc gas station at Williamsburg Rd & Parker St is charging for 87 octane fuel. The price isn’t being advertised until you get to the pump. Some drivers are leaving- saying it’s price gouging. Others are filling up anyways. @8NEWS

— Laura Perrot 8News (@LauraCPerrot) May 11, 2021

While this price hike was definitely caused by the hackers, the Biden administration’s policies are certainly not helping keep gas prices low.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland recently  revoked a dozen different energy policy orders put in place during the Trump administration, announcing that her priorities would be to address climate change and shift to “the green energy potential” of public lands.

Hot Air reported in April, “During Donald Trump’s presidency, America went from being beholden to foreign (and often hostile) nations to meet our energy needs to hold a position as a dominant global force in energy production. In 2019 and 2020 the country cemented its position as a net exporter of energy in the oil and gas sector. Plentiful supplies from our refineries drove gas prices down for extended periods of time. Vastly increased production of clean-burning natural gas resulted in cheaper home heating costs and steep reductions in coal production (which the green warriors should have been thrilled about but gave Trump no credit for) as coal-fired power plants converted over to cheaper and cleaner natural gas burners. It was one of the signature accomplishments of the Trump administration.”

Price of Gas Is Up Over a Dollar Per Gallon Already Thanks to Joe Biden’s Actions to Stop Pipelines and Curtail Production

Even prior to the hack, the US is currently seeing a massive spike in gas prices. The highest, in fact, since Barack Obama’s administration was in power six years ago.

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