Matthew Bledsoe on January 6th. Bledsoe was found guilty by a jury of his ‘peers’ this week. Many of those ‘peers’ admitted they could not remain “impartial”.


** Insurrectionist David Hogg interrupted and obstructed an official US House hearing on Wednesday in Washington DC.  Hogg shut down the hearing while he screamed at Republican lawmakers about racism and guns.  David was not arrested for obstructing this official proceeding.

** On Monday all charges were dropped against CBS employees for uber-leftist Colbert’s late-night show who were arrested after trespassing after hours into the US Capitol and then harassing and threatening Republican lawmakers.   Colbert’s crew also harassed and mocked family members of January 6th political prisoners who have been held in prison for over a year without trial.  The Biden-appointed US Attorney Matthew Graves, who let the Colbert crew walk scot-free, is the same attorney persecuting Trump supporters and January 6 defendants.

** On Thursday night 43-year-old David Jakubonis jumped on a stage and attempted to murder Republican Representative and New York state gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin in a knife attack.  Jakubonis wounded one person and was wrestled to the ground.  He was later charged with “attempted felony” and immediately released from custody.

** Also on Thursday a Washington DC court convicted Trump supporter Matthew Bledsoe on the felony charge of “obstruction of an official proceeding” and four other misdemeanor charges.  Bledsoe now faces up to 20 years in prison — more time than many rapists and killers.

Matthew Bledsoe spent 22 minutes inside the US capitol “parading” and “remaining in restricted grounds.”

** Please support the Bledsoe family by donating to their GiveSendGo account.

Now he will learn his lesson.

Matthew Bledsoe faces 20 years in prison for parading in US Capitol after police officers welcomed the vast majority of the protesters into the building.

You can read our previous report on Matthew Bledsoe here.

Yesterday when we reported on Matthew Bledsoe his family did not have a GiveSendGo account set up.

Since our report, the family set up an account and sent us the address.
PLEASE help this family!

** Please support the Bledsoe family by donating to their GiveSendGo account.

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