A leaked document was released to the liberal media that listed Nikki Haley’s secret donors list.

The document was likely leaked by the IRS to embarrass Haley and out her donors.

The document shows Haley took money from some of the GOP’s biggest donors — including Paul Singer and Miriam Adelson and at least one Democrat donor.

The donations went to Haley’s nonprofit policy advocacy group, Stand For America.

NEW: Nikki Haley’s secret donors revealed

Politico obtained a tax doc divulging names of 71 donors who anonymously gave to Haley’s dark-money nonprofit after she left the Trump admin

Clearest picture yet of how a potential ’24 contender is gearing uphttps://t.co/z0ge5DZerz

— Alex Isenstadt (@politicoalex) August 26, 2022

Ambassador Haley was understandably outraged by this disclosure and insisted it was a criminal act.

Disclosure of @StandForAmerica‘s confidential tax return isn’t just a violation of state & federal law—it is meant to intimidate conservative donors.

Liberals have ALWAYS weaponized gov’t against conservatives.

Republicans have been too nice for too long. The buck stops here. https://t.co/GpDCnW8ajZ

— Nikki Haley (@NikkiHaley) August 26, 2022

Now this…
Ambassador Haley tweeted out on Saturday that the the leaked IRS documents went through the New York State Attorney General’s office —

All roads lead to crackpot Letitia James.

Leaking a confidential tax return is against state and federal law… and look whose stamp is on the last page of the @StandForAmerica filing leaked to the media this week.

Liberal corruption strikes again. pic.twitter.com/JQ3hvLoDA6

— Nikki Haley (@NikkiHaley) August 27, 2022

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