The National Task Force on Election Crisis is not only meddling in the Arizona Senate’s Maricopa County audit.  The ‘Task Force’ was present at the Fulton County Georgia election as well.

We first reported on the National Task Force on Election Crisis in early May.  This ‘task force’ includes members who are all on the bus that hates President Trump and what he was doing to put America first.  The individuals who were trying to destroy the election audit in Maricopa County were also members of this hidden task force.

EXCLUSIVE: The Entity Behind the Effort to Stop the Maricopa Audit Revealed – The National Task Force on Election Crisis

Over the past few days, we have been able to tie some of these same individuals to those involved in the election activities in Fulton County Georgia during the election.  For example, we identified Jennifer Morrell who is a member of the task force to the group she started labeled ‘The Election Group’ which was present in Georgia on Election Day and days after.  We also know Morrell is heavily involved in besmirching the audit work currently going on in Maricopa County.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Morrell and ‘The Elections Group’ Were Involved in Georgia’s 2020 Election, Criticize the Arizona Audit, and Are Connected to Huge Far-Left Nonprofits

Something tells us this ‘Task Force’ isn’t done messing with the 2020 election.

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