Populist Revolt published numerous updates on the Windham, New Hampshire audit.

We are including the updates here:

**  (Video) of Ross McLeod the Co-Chairman in the selectmen board meeting on 4-26-2021 dismissing the concerns of Windham residents. “We live in a representative democracy” “It is not up to you to decide if this is unacceptable.”

They posted the video on their website www.populistrevolt.comCheck it out!

**  Article on Co-Chairman Ross McLeod – Ross has a track record for being investigated with witness tampering and gambling.

**  Letter Signed on April 13, 2021 by chosen auditor Lindeman to AZ President Karen Fann showing complete bias. The Windham residents sent this conflict of interest document to the board of selectmen and they still didn’t care.

** May 3rd is New Hampshire’s big day and I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. There is still hope that they may hear the voice of the people!

** Here is the most recent call to action video with a leader in New Hampshire, Marylyn Todd, speaking about the upcoming event May 3rd 2021:

And here is their attached flyer.

* I also attached a release by the NH Integrity Facebook page:

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