Windham County, New Hampshire Selectman Heath Partington told a local activist on video that he will change his vote for forensic auditor away from the Verified Voting group if a majority of the locals disagree with his choice.

This was all caught on video last night at the Windham City Leaders Meeting.

Local residents are OUTRAGED after the five elected Selectmen railroaded the community and chose a far-left corrupt group to audit the 2020 election results. The chosen group Verified Voting signed off on a letter in Arizona calling the audit there frivolous. What made these community leaders then decide to choose Verified Voting for the Windham audit? They still can’t explain this.

Last night the board members continued to ignore their residents and went on with other business!

That’s when the crowd of hundreds STOOD UP WITH THEIR BACKS TURNED to the dirty board members!
The crowd started chanting, “Resign! Resign! Resign!”

Local activist Ken Eyring told the reporter, “This board is an embarrassment to the community.”

One local activist got Selectman Heath Partington to say he will change his vote for the Verified Voting group if a majority of the locals disagree with his choice.

It’s time to get to work, people!

We will post any updates on local activists canvassing the community for their choice of auditers.

The citizens of Windham are not yet ready to give up!

Look for updates at:



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