On Friday, FIVE states received a walkthrough of the “golden” Arizona audit process including Utah, Oklahoma, Michigan, Washington, and Georgia.


TGP’s Jordan Conradson spoke with Utah State Representative Steve Christiansen, who represents a state which Trump won by over 20 points.

Rep. Christiansen was in Arizona on the basis of preserving election integrity in Utah.

Conradson: Can you tell me about what you went through today?

Christiansen: We had the opportunity to just check out the audit process that’s going on here in Maricopa County, Arizona. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to this, as well as issues obviously that I personally believe we had in the presidential election last November. I personally was just very interested in coming down more proactively than anything else to see how the audit is being run. And just to get ideas. The reason that I’m here as I said is to get those ideas and from a Utah perspective. I’m not sure that there are a lot of people that believe in Utah that we have issues from a voting and election integrity standpoint. However, I’m not sure that I’m 100% convinced, but I don’t have the evidence to prove it. And so before the audit ended here in Maricopa County I just wanted to get down here, see for myself, understand the process so that if we ever make the decision back in Utah that it’s the right thing to do. I’ve got some information to go on. I do have from a legislative standpoint, two things in the works. Number one, I have filed a legislative audit request to do an audit of two things with regard to elections in Utah, number one to audit and take a close look at our voter rolls, to make sure that they’re clean and up to date and that the process to keep them that way is secure. And then number two in our, in our largest county Salt Lake County we do use Dominion voting machines. And so just knowing that gives me cause for potential concern, and therefore in my legislative audit request, I’ve asked that there be a forensic audit done of those machines for last November’s election, just to see if there have been any issues. That audit request has not been approved. And so I’m hoping to find ways to gather the evidence to demonstrate that either we have had issues, or we haven’t had issues so that if we have, I can continue to pursue that audit request, as well as an election integrity bill file that I’ve opened for this next general session.

Conradson: What did you think of the actual process itself? a lot of other legislators are calling this the gold standard.

Christiansen: It looks pretty golden to me, quite honestly, the amount of security that is present and that the attention to detail is really quite incredible here, just the attention to chain of custody, handoffs, signatures, multiple points of confirmation to ensure that things are being done precisely and well. I’m really impressed with the number of volunteers that are here and their attention to make sure that they’re doing their jobs well. It seems pretty clean, it seems pretty buttoned up, I’m really really impressed with, with what’s been going on here. And more than anything, I’m just really grateful to the folks here in Arizona for the kind of leadership that they’re giving to the rest of the country on the issue of election integrity. And the reason as we all know that that’s such a big issue is because if we don’t have free and fair elections, we don’t have anything in terms of this great country that we live in. I personally believe that the right to a free and fair election is the fundamental right that helps to protect all of the other unalienable rights that we enjoy.

Conradson: If you get the audit request approved in Utah. Are you looking to replicate this process?

Christiansen: This would be a fantastic process to replicate. Yeah.

Conradson: Do you have anything to say to other legislators in other states?

Christiansen: Yeah, time permitting, they absolutely should come out, it’s an amazing experience, it really is.  It gives me confidence that people are trying to do it the right way. So if there’s an opportunity to do that, I realize that this physical hand count portion of this audit is going to be ending pretty quickly. I found out just this last week that it was going to be ending, either as soon as the end of this week and possibly early next week and so I just decided yesterday to get on a plane and get down here.

Steve Christiansen is a Constitutional Conservative who feels our right to vote precedes all others.

This is why he wants an audit in Utah. He knows Trump won in Utah by a landslide, but he wants a system with absolutely NO FRAUD.

Steve Christiansen is setting the gold standard for election integrity with his actions today.

ALL states must bear witness to this landmark in history.

Christiansen also has a podcast show called Restoring Liberty, where he addresses global and national issues through a U.S. Constitutional point of view. 

Visit his show at https://rumble.com/c/c-629513


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