Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday. It was a disaster.

Garland mumbled through his testimony and at several points looked as lost as his boss Joe Biden.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) grilled Garland on his family’s financial ties to critical race theory studies. Garland did not have an answer. It was embarrassing.

Rep. Johnson said Garland was one for the worst witnesses to ever testify before Congress.

Rep. Mike Johnson: “You know, we were surprised.  I think many people who watched this hearing today thought that he was one of the worst witnesses who has ever appeared before the committee…  I practiced law for 20 years and I would say he ranks up there with some of the worst.  He seemed unprepared.  He was evasive. He dodged question after question and he used simple talking points that apparently were prepared for him by someone else.  It was very unimpressive.  And the idea that he would be the top pick of the Democrats to be on the Supreme Court makes us all wonder what was going on there.

Via Greg Kelly Reports:

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