Conservative scholar and historian Victor Davis Hanson recently appeared on FOX News to talk about how the left is rapidly trying to change so many aspects of American life.

He suggested that the left is waging a ‘Maoist’ style of cultural revolution and that many Americans don’t understand this.

He also points out that the left has destroyed multiple cultural institutions in the process and that they don’t care because the ends justify the means.

Here’s a partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

Here in California, we are facing $32 billion in debt. Why would a commission on reparations say we’re going to give $800 billion dollars — why not a trillion? — to African-Americans when we were a free state. That’s 8 generations ago.Then when confronted with the realities, the commission said we’re willing to take it on installment.

I was just reading about the tragic death on the subway and I thought, wow, this guy looks like a career criminal that was killed. I thought maybe he had arrests of 5 or 7. How does somebody in the criminal justice system have an arrest record of 40 arrests including violent assault, lewd conduct? And then his uncle weighed in. And I thought, wow, he’s weighing in support of his deceased nephew, maybe he has a criminal record. He’s been arrested 70 times. What kind of criminal justice system, I guess just ideologically, just excuses felony behavior 70 times?

We look at the border. I thought, wow, it might be porous. We might, under the Biden administration, have 200,000 illegal entries. But they just blew it up. It doesn’t exist. We can’t even imagine 6.5 million illegal entries.

Greater Los Angeles has probably have the largest city in North America of people of Mexican-American or Central-American or Hispanic heritage. The majority are Catholic. Most are still observant. Baseball and soccer are the national pastime in Spanish speaking communities. Why would the Los Angeles Dodgers, who depends on this constituency at a time when audiences for professional sports are in decline — why would they invite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence when their stock and create is performance art, blasphemy, simulated sex, pornography attacks on the trinity of the Catholic faith.

Watch the video below:

Hanson is not wrong. This is happening.

The only question is how to stop and even reverse this destructive process.

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