President Emanuel Macron was surprised during a tour on Tuesday in southeastern France when a local man slapped him across the face.

The man was saying, “Down with Macron-ism” and then slapped him hard.

It was a wake-up call.

Macron looked pretty smooth as he ran up to the crowd who came out to meet him.
But that quickly changed after the slap.

JUST IN – President #Macron slapped in the face during #France

— (@disclosetv) June 8, 2021

Here’s another view.

Fransa’da bir ziyaret esnasında Macron’a tokat atılmış. Tokat adan kişi “Kahrolsun Macron yönetimi (Macronie)!” diyor
Kanal İstanbul SEDAT PEKER ŞOKU #France

— (@alekooo1907) June 8, 2021

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