Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos has resisted calls to adequately investigate the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin.

Just like in Georgia and Michigan, a mysterious 143,000 ballot dump at 3:42 AM took place on November 4th giving Joe Biden the lead in the state.

Joe Biden went on to “win” by slightly over 20,000 votes.

We also know through the Special Counsel that roughly 91 nursing homes in the top five most populated cities had 95% to 100% turnout rates — they were stealing the ballots from elderly Americans.

And we also now know that 7% of the dropbox ballots that were stuffed in the ballot boxes were illegally harvested ballots.

But the Wisconsin Republican leaders refuse to act. They are doing nothing to correct this.

Last Saturday Speaker Robin Vos was booed loudly at the state GOP Convention. Vos refuses to consider decertification of the stolen vote.

Via HOT Wisconsin.

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