Christina Bobb and Jordan Conradson

Today, the Washington Post published another fake news hit piece on the amazing, and highly accomplished reporter, Christina Bobb from One America News (OAN).

They are doing everything in their power to hurt the REAL reporters on the ground in Arizona who are reporting the truth about this historic audit process in the Grand Canyon State.

And, they are even FLAT-OUT lying! 

Paul Farhi and Elahe Izadi, two sad excuses for journalists, wrote a hit on Christina and OAN. 

The WaPo headline reads “One America News is the face of the Arizona election audit.”

What does that even mean?

“Bobb didn’t mention in her report that she had helped raise money to pay for those lawmakers to visit.”

Money is not used to fly lawmakers in. Money is used for the audit. At the end of each segment, Christina makes it crystal clear that she and OAN’s Chanel Rion have a non profit, where you can donate to see this audit completed in its entirety.

“While mainstream reporters have been confined to a small area far from the audit tables and threatened with trespassing arrests if they wander outside it, GOP organizers have granted extensive access to One America — a low-rated, intensely partisan cable channel whose personalities have spent half a year trying to delegitimize President Biden’s electoral victory.”

All reporters are confined to a small area including Bobb, who does a daily report from the same spot every day. She has not been given any access other than all the other reporters. “low-rated” must be a joke. OAN is ranked as the No. 4 national news network in ratings. 

These  “mainstream” hacks wish they had the viewership of the Gateway Pundit and OAN. This is the new mainstream.

“The channel owns and has exclusive control over all live-stream cameras inside the arena.”

The channel does not own the cameras nor access to the cameras. This is not true no matter how many times they repeat it. They refuse.

But then it wouldn’t be fake news so that makes sense.

Bobb has at times been allowed to roam the building and invite guests, whereas local reporters must watch from their pen, if they are allowed inside at all.

Again, Bobb has only been allowed in the press box with the other reporters. All local reporters are allowed in the coliseum every day. 

“We were hearing a lot of reports about OAN getting more access than others,” said Chris Kline, president of the Arizona Broadcasters Association.

Wow, did Chris really say that? Then it must be true (snark).

Again, Christina Bobb is not receiving more access than other reporters. She’s just a better reporter.

We’re hearing a lot of reports of mismanaged elections and voter fraud, so we’re looking into that.

“She’s reporting from the audit room floor, as in a May 5 segment

Again, Christina Bobb is not allowed on the floor. She gave this report from the press box. 

“Some of the money was used to fly lawmakers to Arizona from other states Trump lost, so they could consider replicating the audit back home.”

Again, money is used to fund the audit. Legislators, candidates and private citizens have been flying to Arizona on their own dime, in order to witness the historic full forensic audit and bring it back to their constituents.

“One America’s favored status has been a source of contention among local journalists who have sought to cover the audit.”

Christina Bobb’s skill as a reporter and flawless looks are what cause contention among journalists. These people are literally disgusted by people who tell the truth. They will even ask Bobb for tips, because she is here EVERY DAY and knows what’s happening, then start mouthing off to her and being nasty minutes later. 

This is another classic case of the leftist victim card. Coming into the extremely liberal field of journalism after serving as a US Marine, Christina fought for these people to have freedom of the press. Now they regularly harass her and ostracize her because they don’t like the truth. So who’s the real victim?

Christina told TGP’s Jordan Conradson:

“We don’t own the cameras and I have not been given any access other than all the other reports.Maybe if WaPo actually had a reporter here, they’d know that.”

Thats right. Where’s WaPo?

They’re not even at the audit. they have no idea what they’re writing. 



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