Dementia Joe knocked President Trump and stumbled through his NATO Teleprompter speech today mispronouncing names and launching threats at Putin and Russia.

Joe Biden: Everyone in that room today understood the shared appreciation, quite frankly, that America is back.  We talked about Russia’s aggressive acts that posed a threat to NATO and our collective security.  That’s why I met with the Bucharest Nine, and used their flank ally(?) in advance of this summit.  And today I also met with the leaders of the three Baltic states, Estonia, “Latvith,” and Lithuania.  I shared with our allies that I’ll convey, what I’ll convey to President Putin.  That I’m not looking for conflict with Russia but that we will respond if Russia continues its harmful activities.

The Deep State wants you to believe Russia is our greatest foe as China continues to eat our lunch and steal our technology and spy on our institutions every single day.

The Democrats also want you to believe Russia is behind every Malware scam or election breach after lying for four years about Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 election.

Now they want their war.

The globalists want their war.

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