Kris Mayes (left) Trump-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh (right)

Liberal Democrat Arizona Attorney General candidate Kris Mayes faced off against Trump-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh in the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Attorney General Candidate Forum on Thursday, September 15.

Unlike Katie Hobbs, her Democratic ally running for Arizona Governor, Kris agreed to a forum featuring a simultaneous interview next to Abe Hamadeh on stage.

However, like Katie Hobbs, Kris Mayes runs from reporters that she doesn’t like. Mayes is also a former fake news Arizona Republic (otherwise known as the “Arizona Repugnant”) reporter.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Katie Hobbs REFUSES to appear on any debate stage or forum stage with Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake. She even refused to share a stage with Lake during the Chamber of Commerce’s Gubernatorial Forum.

During the event last week, Hobbs also ran out of the building immediately after speaking to avoid any questions from the press.

Katie Hobbs is terrified to defend her radical Democrat record, which includes multiple convictions by multiple juries of racism and sexism in her discriminatory firing of Talonya Adams — a black female former Democratic staffer — while serving as a State Senator.

H/T: @grandoldmemes

— It’s Sowell Goodman (@BettrCallSowell) September 15, 2022

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Kris Mayes is a radical leftist whose campaign employs a hateful anti-police BLM extremist. Stacey Champion, who is works as a PR consultant for Mayes, frequently attacks law enforcement officials and has said, “law enforcement = killing black people.”

Consultant Backing Democrat Nominee For Arizona’s Top Law Enforcement Officer Really HATES Law Enforcement

Before the forum even started, one of the Chamber members told TGP correspondent Conradson something along the lines of, “The Gateway Pundit’s reputation precedes you. We want to make sure you’re not going to yell anything out during the forum.” Conradson informed him that’s not what he was there to do.

After the forum, where Mayes lied and claimed to be “pro-police,” Conradson attempted to question her, and she ran away.

The same Chamber member who confronted Conradson before the forum also attempted to intervene when Conradson began questioning Mayes.

She is not interested in talking to any media that doesn’t align with her crazy, stupid ideas.

Conradson: you’re running to be Arizona’s “Top Cop.” Why did you hire someone that hates the police?

Conradson: Kris, do you support twice-convicted racist Katie Hobbs?

Mayes: *Silence*

At the end of the video, what appeared to be another staffer put his hands on Conradson and prevented him from asking any further questions.


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