Liz Harris Joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss her voter canvassing efforts in Arizona.

This canvass is being performed by a grassroots patriot group that does not take donations and is not affiliated with the Arizona Senate audit of Maricopa County.

They do not ask who voters voted for. Everything that they are doing is 100% legal.

Democrats in Arizona do this all year, every year.

Wait ::: didn’t the DOJ threaten the Az Senate if they did any canvassing for the audit ?

— Karen Fann (@FannKfann) September 4, 2021

The group has been canvassing statewide since December.

1) 34.23% of people who were recorded with no vote said they had voted. Where did these “lost votes” go? 

2) 96,389 votes came out of addresses where the mail-in ballots could not have possibly been cast by the person that the vote was registered to. Where did these “ghost votes” come from?

Seth Keshel summed it up by saying that the Arizona election numbers cannot be certified with the lost or stolen votes at this magnitude. These numbers are showing substantial fraud numbers with attempted contact of over .5% of Maricopa County voters.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers and State Rep Mark Finchem both called for decertification of Arizona’s fraudulent election just after this was said on War Room.

BREAKING: AZ Candidate For Secretary of State Mark Finchem: “I Call On Arizona To Decertify The Election Of 2020 And Recall The Electors… We Have A Duty To Act” – 96K+ GHOST VOTES

Industry accepted polls often have just 500 participants and they have margins of error just like this canvass.

Visit to take part in the voluntary digital canvass where you answer basic questions like “what method did you use to vote? Did you receive extra ballots?, What did you do with the extra ballots? how many registered voters live here and how many actually voted?”

This canvass is unveiling explosive findings.



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