Whoopi Goldberg finally broke her silence after falsely claiming that “neo-nazis” were let into an event and “embraced” by Turning Point on an episode of ‘The View.’

‘The View’ recently lied about the organization when a bunch of weird leftists showed up to protest their event. These people were removed from the event by security.

The View hosts used this opportunity to smear the organization and falsely claim that they were tied to or welcomed alleged “neo-nazis.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that #SueTheView trended on Twitter on Tuesday after Turning Point USA sent cease and desist letters to ABC and announced a potential defamation lawsuit.

BREAKING: #SUETHEVIEW Trends NATIONWIDE After Turning Point USA Issues Cease And Desist Letters to ABC News Calling on Them to “Retract The Defamatory Statements” (VIDEO)

Yesterday, The View issued an apology, but Whoopi didn’t say a word

She stayed silent the entire time and did not retract her comments accusing Turning Point USA of “embracing” Nazis. “you let them in, and you knew what they were. So you’re complicit,” Whoopi said on Monday.

UPDATE: ‘The View’ Apologizes To Turning Point USA Over Defamatory Statements After #SUETHEVIEW Trends Nationwide On Twitter (VIDEO)

Turning Point did not let these people in or know who they were.

They looked like unhinged liberal protestors and were obviously planted there by someone.

After a group of Antifa and left wing protesters showed up, predictably, to protest our event, they eventually dispersed, then minutes later these “nazis” appeared. Who are these people? We have no idea, and apparently ABC and other news media aren’t curious enough to find out. pic.twitter.com/nPngp64M0F

— Turning Point USA (@TPUSA) July 26, 2022

Earlier today, Whoopi finally apologized on TV, saying, “my bad. I’m sorry.”

Jack Posobiec tweeted, “Whoopi should apologize for her apology!”

Whoopi should apologize for her apology! https://t.co/8YOhYpNpQB

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) July 28, 2022

Turning Point USA must sue these liars.

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