Democrat Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Rep Jerry Nadler was confronted over his stance on raising the age to buy guns to 21 during a gun legislation hearing.

GOP Rep. Thomas Massie asked Nadler if he supported raising the draft age to 21 — because Nadler said that 18-years-old brains don’t have fully-formed brains and therefore shouldn’t have guns.

Nadler responded by tripping over his own words and saying he doesn’t support raising the draft age because “if the country needs people, it needs people.”

Jerry Nadler says he supports banning 18-year-olds form buying guns because their brains aren’t fully formed but opposes raising the draft age to 21 because “if the country needs people [to fight wars], it needs people.”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) June 2, 2022

Twitter users responded by mocking Nadler and the Democrats:

And the Dems want to lower the voting age to 16…

— ₮hΞ Ⓒrypto ₮hΞr₳pist (@kirkdesoto) June 3, 2022

…And a 5 year olds can choose their gender.
It’s Friday Guys…

— Paul L Thomas (@PaulLouisThoma1) June 3, 2022

Everything you need to know about Dems is right here. They say a brain of an 18 year old is not developed. Therefore can’t buy firearms. However, are completely fine sending them into war at age 18 if necessary. #Hypocrites

— Nick Estep (@NickEstep8) June 3, 2022

If an 18 year old hasn’t got a mature brain why can they vote?

— Reconman (@recon618) June 3, 2022

So love my Congressman @RepThomasMassie! Common sense amendment! Vote at 16, but even 2y later at 18 you’re not matured enough to own a weapon but you are to use one to fight for the government?? Really! Awesome points, Mr Massie and Mr @Jim_Jordan! Excellent points!

— D Deryl Downey (@DDerylDowney) June 2, 2022


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