Mark Levin, was on with Hannity last night and he gave an excellent summary of General Milley’s actions surrounding potential treason.  

Mark Levin was not happy with Woodward and Costa, the authors of the upcoming book, which is a hit job on President Trump.  What they also did was sit on the news that General Mark Milley may have committed treason when he contacted the Chinese outside his chain of command both before and after the 2020 Election.

If this is true, Levin notes, he basically told his officers to take an oath of office to him.

Levin shared:

All this talk about right wing coups: Russia collusion, criminal investigations of a sitting President, two impeachments, one of a sitting President, one of the ex-President when he’s left office, going after tax returns, trying to destroy… we know what a coup looks like, we sat through it for the last five years.

General Mark Milley should have been handcuffed and arrested yesterday.  We have no justice system in the US today.

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