German Justice Minister Marco Bushman wants to take action against the messenger service Telegram because it is used to oppose Covid measures. This enrages the globalists and their plans to control their subjects through forced vaccinations.

Buschman says, “What is being disseminated on Telegram is disgusting, indecent and criminal.”

What they are really upset about is the fact that they can’t control the speech on Telegram.
Look for Big Tech to crush Telegram in the near future like they did to Parlor earlier this year.

Marco Buschman (FDP), de Duitse minister van Justitie, wil actie ondernemen tegen de boodschappendienst Telegram omdat die wordt gebruikt om Covid-maatregelen tegen te gaan.

“Wat op Telegram wordt verspreid is walgelijk, onfatsoenlijk en crimineel,” beweert de nieuwe ..

— Symphony (@Symph0ny3) December 14, 2021

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