Joe Biden gave a short garbled speech about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday.

Biden called on a list of pre-approved reporters because he’s feeble and can’t answer random questions.

Biden began to fall apart halfway through the Q & A session.

Feeble Joe interrupted a reporter to take off his coat.

“I’m going to take my coat off. The sun is hot,” Biden said.


Biden interrupts question from pre-approved reporter:

“I’m going to take my coat off, the sun is hot.”

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) June 16, 2021

Apparently the 87 degree weather, meeting with Putin and questions from the media got to Biden because he SNAPPED!

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins shouted an impromptu question to Joe Biden as he walked away from the podium.

“Why are you so confident [Putin] will change his behavior, Mr. President,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins shouted.

Biden turned around and yelled at the CNN reporter, “What the hell? What do you do all day?”

Biden berated the reporter who asked pertinent questions about Vladimir Putin: “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business!”


Biden just yelled at CNN’s @kaitlancollins:

“What the hell— what do you do all day?… If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.”

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) June 16, 2021

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