The World Health Organization (WHO) released an updated document on its plan to access power over member states during international emergencies.

The updated proposals were released on Friday by the corrupt organization that still has not held China responsible for the origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

On Saturday The Gateway Pundit spoke with Den Michele Bachmann on the latest negotiations at the World Health Organization’s 75th Annual World Health Assembly.

According to Dean Bachmann, “It could very well mean we dodged a bullet.  The amendments to turn over US sovereignty to the WHO was not agreed upon on Friday.  According to the rules of the WHA Assembly, they have to introduce amendments four months before they meet for the WHO so this may be months from now.  But what is interesting is what they adopted yesterday nobody had ever seen before. So it hadn’t been proposed four months ahead of time. They just put it up and they passed it. And it’s vague.  This was the only proposal that got adopted for Agenda item 16.2.  So at this point, it appears as a close of business yesterday, we dodged a bullet.”

The good news is that there are Republicans in Congress fighting this insane anti-American resolution.

Senator Rick Scott introduced legislation to limit the powers of the World Health Organization.

The @WHO has served as a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party & helped Communist China cover up info on COVID-19. The Biden admin must NOT give this sham of a health agency national sovereignty over the U.S. & control over Americans’ lives & health.

— Rick Scott (@SenRickScott) May 14, 2022

Senators Ron Johnson and John Hoeven are reportedly working on WHO legislation.

And states like Florida are working on ways to limit WHO tyranny against their citizens.

Here is a copy of the latest WHO agreement released on Friday.

WHO Releases Updated Docume… by Jim Hoft

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