Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Michael Gableman Gives an Update on His Election Investigation. 

We’re reported recently that Wisconsin

Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman Issues Subpoenas in His 2020 Election Probe – Will Any Justice Be Served?

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Michael Gableman was given the task of looking into the 2020 election in Wisconsin.  Gableman is focusing on five locations where irregularities were noted related to interference from foreign players like Facebook.  Gableman shared the following with radio host Dan O’Donnell:

(Gableman) What I did was serve subpoenas for records that the clerks and the cities are required to keep anyway.  And I asked them to produce those documents. I demanded that they produce.  This is not a court proceding.  This is an exercise of the legislature’s constitutional right and their constitutional duty to see how laws are being impletmented. ..

(O’Donnell” …You’re alleging that Partrick Marley at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is writing a story that he knows to be false about the ongoing investigation that you run.

(Gagleman) As is his pattern demostrated from the results that I’m meeting with the City Council of Green Bay on Tuesday…

About the Arizona audit:

(Gableman) For $6 million they did not get their money’s worth.

At the 17 minute mark:

(Gableman) Joseph Gerbils, who was Adolf Hitler’s head of propaganda in Nazi Germany, Gerbils said, ‘You give me control of a country’s media, I will turn any people into a heard of pigs.’…What they’re doing over at the Journal (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), would make Joseph Gerbils blush.

At the 22 minute mark Gableman lays it all out:

…The people of this country who are the owners of this government.  It’s time to step up to act not like customers but to act like the owners and the managers you really are.  Ask yourself, why is it when the people’s representative goes up to Green Bay simply asking for the production of documents that they’re required by law to keep anyway, and the whole purpose of them keeping records is to demonstrate that the elections were honest.   Why in response to that do I get Tony Evers (Wisconsin Governor) saying to a statewide audience that they have to lawyer up and then, why do I get a majority of the city council in Green Bay, not only lawyer up, but they lawyer up with a national Democrat, a national Democrat lawfirm with their state subsidiary lawfirm… Why is it that these partisan leftist lawyers are donating their time to the defense?  Is it because that partisan leftist things occurred and influenced the election in Green Bay?  These are the kinds of things our fellow citizens deserve to know.



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