Workers move ballots into the Windham counting center on Tuesday for the upcoming “audit” this week.

Boxes of Ballots and tabulating devices arrived Tuesday from the Windham Town Offices to the Edward Cross Training Center for the upcoming ballot audit this week.

Local leaders ignored the will of the people and hired Mark Lindeman from Verified Voting to perform the audit.

It was soon discovered that New Hampshire officials selected an operative who alleged the election fraud claims were fake and worked to try to get the Maricopa County audit shut down earlier in April!

This letter denouncing the New Hampshire audit WAS SIGNED by Mark Lindeman from Verified Voting!

So the local officials in Windham picked Mark Lindeman who is a far-left operative who has NO RESPECT for the auditing process at all and believes it is unnecessary!

But city officials stood with their choice of Lindeman which tells you they are not serious about election integrity.

What a travesty.

Lindeman joined two other groups, also linked to Verified Voting, to perform the audit in Windham.

Activist Ken Eyring sent TGP a photo from inside the Edward Cross Training Center showing the distance between the observers and the audit teams.

The questionable audit begins on Wednesday.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with local activist and Granite Grok contributor Ken Eyring on Tuesday as they were preparing for the audit.

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