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From Monday night:

The forensic audit of the Windham voting machines and ballots from November 3, 2020, is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 10 am – but that might be delayed if the temporary injunction I filed today is approved by a Judge in the morning.

I filed the request because I’m concerned with the lack of checks and balances of the auditors, as well as the volatility of the forensic machine data that needs to be preserved.  It is important to forensically image all of the data for each of Windham’s four AccuVote machines and I do not believe any of the current forensic teams have the necessary skill sets to adequately perform that specialized task.

I also filed a RTK request to protect the critical machine data that is stored in memory when the machines are powered down.  That data is vulnerable to being lost if special care is not taken, because it will be flushed out of memory and lost when the machines are powered up.

The RTK request should protect all of the data on the machines if the intent of the law is followed:

RSA 91-A:9 Destruction of Certain Information Prohibited. – A person is guilty of a misdemeanor who knowingly destroys any information with the purpose to prevent such information from being inspected or disclosed in response to a request under this chapter. If a request for inspection is denied on the grounds that the information is exempt under this chapter, the requested material shall be preserved for 90 days or while any lawsuit pursuant to RSA 91-A:7-8 is pending.

The breakdown means this:

(1) either the data is copied and delivered as requested,

(2) the request is denied – but the data must be preserved for 90 days, or

(3) the request is denied but the data must be preserved while a lawsuit is in progress:

The goal is to get copies of all the data from all of the machines and perform a forensic audit with an independent team that is outside of the umbrella of one organization (Verified Voting).  There will be those who fight this request.  Not because there is any justification to do so – nor harm that will come if it is approved.  They will fight it just to fight it.  And to that, I say keep on exposing who you are.

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