‘Auditor’ Harri Hursti looked totally lost last week on the audit floor in Windham, yet he was clearly the lead auditor in this effort.  It’s time that the legislature of New Hampshire get serious and hold a forensic audit of the entire state’s 2020 Election results mirrored on the effort taking place in Arizona now.

This short video from the audit last week in Windham says it all.  ‘Auditor’ Harri Hursti looks like a mad man walking around with a white mask on his face, in his white t-shirt with his belt sticking out eight inches and flopping around.  He’s engaged with some volunteers and they appear to have no idea what they are doing at all.

The auditors in Windham were inept and they were biased as well:

‘Audit’ of Windham, New Hampshire Is a SHAM Due to Conflicts, Independence Issues, and a Ridiculous Audit Program – America Deserves Better

In addition, some key elements that should have been covered in the audit were not reportedly addressed:

EXCLUSIVE: Why is Auditor Harry Hursti, Who Uncovered the Fatal Flaws in Diebold Memory Cards in 2005, Hiding These Flaws in the Windham, NH Audit This Week?

Even with all the nonsense with the audit, there was enough information going on to demand an audit of the entire state’s results:

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Windham, NH Audit Results Show Ample Evidence that Voting Machines Favored Democrats, Are Not Reliable and Cannot be Trusted

It’s time for the Senators in New Hampshire to stand up for a real audit of the Granite State’s 2020 Election results.  Below are the emails for New Hampshire’s Senators.  Please contact them and encourage them to perform a real forensic audit of the state’s results.

Kevin.Avard@leg.state.nh.us; Regina.Birdsell@leg.state.nh.us; Jeb.Bradley@leg.state.nh.us; Sharon.Carson@leg.state.nh.us; Kevin.Cavanaugh@leg.state.nh.us; Lou.Dallesandro@leg.state.nh.us; Gary.Daniels@leg.state.nh.us; Harold.French@leg.state.nh.us; William.Gannon@leg.state.nh.us; Bob.Giuda@leg.state.nh.us; James.Gray@leg.state.nh.us; Erin.Hennessey@leg.state.nh.us; Jay.Kahn@leg.state.nh.us; Chuck.Morse@leg.state.nh.us; Rebecca.PerkinsKwoka@leg.state.nh.us; Suzanne.Prentiss@leg.state.nh.us; John.Reagan111@gmail.com; Denise.Ricciardi@leg.state.nh.us; Cindy.Rosenwald@leg.state.nh.us; Tom.Sherman@leg.state.nh.us; Donna.Soucy@leg.state.nh.us; Ruth.Ward@leg.state.nh.us; David.Watters@leg.state.nh.us; Becky.Whitley@leg.state.nh.us;

America is watching.

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