The GOP in Congressional District 6 in Wisconsin voted last night to decertify the 2020 Election results in the state and for Speaker Robin Vos to resign from his position or be removed. 

The Wisconsin GOP in Congressional District 6 met yesterday.  The GOP members discussed a few key items.  One action taken by the group was to vote on whether Speaker Vos should resign or be removed from office.  Across the state, we have seen similar actions.

Wisconsin’s Sheboygan County Republicans Pass Resolution Calling for Vote of No Confidence for Speaker Vos and Demand His Removal or Resignation

The GOP in Congressional District 6 shared their comparisons to 1776 and what is going on today in the US.  One document shared referred to text in the Declaration of Independence.

The resolution for Vos to resign was passed by 93% of those present at the event.  Below is the resolution for Vos’s resignation.

In addition, the Congressional District 6 GOP voted to decertify the 2020 Election with 93% of those present voting for this resolution as well.  This is in line with the numerous counties in the state that have voted for the same.

Twelve Wisconsin Counties Called to Reclaim State’s 2020 Electoral Votes Before Justice Gableman Called for Decertification Yesterday

At what point do those running the GOP in Wisconsin and other states accept the fact that Americans aren’t interested in their selfish desires?  Americans are interested in the future of this great country for our children’s sake?

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