The people of Wisconsin need to stand up and follow the lead in Arizona.  There were 143,000 ballots for Biden only that were dropped early in the morning, the day after the election.  All of American knows these ballots were fraudulent.  If you want to prevent this from ever happening again you need to demand a forensic audit like the one in Arizona to be performed in your state.  

The current actions by the legislature in Wisconsin have been pathetic.  The legislature is showing that they don’t want to get to the bottom of the fraud in the 2020 election.

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Republican Legislative Members’ Actions Show They Believe the 143,000 Biden Ballots Dropped at 3am on Nov 4 Are Fine

Wisconsin’s Speaker has said he was hiring three retired cops to look at the past election.  What is this when Arizona had around 400 volunteers and paid individuals perform the audit there?

Skunk Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Hires Three Retired Cops to Look at Election Integrity?… But Won’t Launch Forensic Audit Despite Late Night Ballot Dump

The Wisconsin legislature did vote for an audit and we understand it was approved by the legislature and Sen Rob Cowles and Rep Samantha Kerkman are the co-chairs of this audit.  After this, the state auditor wrote a letter to these two joint co-chairs about an audit and it looked like a memo saying what could be done.  The items in the memo (below) were nothing like what is happening in Arizona.

020821 WI Elec Audit Memo by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Members of the Wisconsin Voter Alliance want to know what is going to be done in the Wisconsin audit.  Also, when does it start?

Americans want to know what is going to be done in Wisconsin.  No one can believe the people in Wisconsin are happy with what happened in that state in the 2020 Election and we’re praying an adequate audit is performed. 

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