On Election Night, early in the morning of November 4th, 2020, over 100,000 ballots were dropped for Joe Biden only.  

Now we see that the state had more than 7 million registered voters while the state’s population is only 5.9 million, which includes children and others ineligible to vote.

What happened in Wisconsin on Election Night when over 100,000 ballots were dropped for Joe Biden only, giving him the lead in the state over President Trump who led the race up till that moment?  This has never been explained.

WOW! — The Steal Is On!… With Last Night’s Ballot Dump Wisconsin has 88% Voter Turnout or HIGHER! IT’S EITHER AN IMPOSSIBLE NEW RECORD OR IT’S HORSESH*T

The other oddity is that Wisconsin had over 7 million registered voters on Election Day 2020.  (This information was provided to us from Wisconsin HOT.)  The state notes that only 3.7 million individuals are active registered voters, but this massive inventory of unregistered voters begs the question – why keep this list and not discard voters once they are no longer eligible to vote?  What’s going on here?  The current process allows for criminal actions to occur by grabbing inactive voters and using their names to create ballots for candidates in the election.

Also, note something that we called HORSESH*T the day after the election.  The state of Wisconsin have an 89% turnout in the election.  This ratio was impossible as well and indicated likely fraud.

The other puzzling thing about Wisconsin’s inventory is that the state only has a population of 5.9 million per the latest census.  

So how could this be going on in Wisconsin?  Why doesn’t Speaker Vos want to look into this? 

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