The people of Wisconsin deserve much more.  The results of an audit by the state audit team in Wisconsin were released this week.  As predicted, these results lack the comprehensive audit work needed to uncover the fraud in the state’s November 2020 Election. 

Wisconsin House Speaker Robin Vos initiated numerous actions that showed he wasn’t really serious about getting to the bottom of the fraudulent results in Wisconsin.

No More Head Fakes.  It’s Time for the People of Wisconsin to Demand a Real Forensic Audit of the 2020 Ballots in their State

One of these actions was to get the state auditors involved.  Unfortunately, this exercise was lacking from the start.  The state auditors lack the expertise that others focused on ballot reviews using AI have.  The state also would likely sample their work, which is inadequate for election audits and bank audits as noted previously.

IMPORTANT FACT: Money and Ballots Are Valuable, That’s Why You Ensure Every Penny and Every Ballot Is Valid When Auditing These Precious Items

The state auditors’ results were released this week and the results were just as expected.  Although the auditors performed good work, due to the nature and significance of the fraud in the 2020 Election in Wisconsin, their work is inadequate.

On page 6 of the introduction to the audit, the auditors summarize some of the work they performed.  They note that they ‘analyzed’ data and reviewed 14,710 absentee ballots.

The problem is there were millions of absentee ballots counted in the election, a small sample will miss numerous cases of fraud.  It’s like counting the $10 bills in a tellers drawer in a bank audit and saying the banks’ balance for all money in-house is accurate.

Here’s the audit report.

Wisconsin State Auditor Report of 2020 Election by Jim Hoft on Scribd

This result is exactly what we predicted and what Speaker Vos hoped for.  Vos doesn’t want the fraud that occurred in the state identified.  He wants a stolen election and Joe Biden in the White House.  Who’s he kidding.

(We’ll be following up with the items in the state’s audit that address the fraud in a separate post.)

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