Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos allowed the 2020 Election steal in Wisconsin to take place.  Now he’s kicked a key Representative off the Elections Committee because of her efforts to get to the bottom of the stolen 2020 Election. 

Channel 3000 in Wisconsin reported on Vos’s move.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has removed state Rep. Janel Brandtjen from the elections committee she had previously chaired.

While leading the committee, Brandtjen launched an investigation into the 2020 election in direct conflict with the probe headed by former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman that Vos signed off on.

Brandtjen, R-Menomonee Falls, often butted heads with Vos, even endorsing his primary opponent in August. Last month, she was kicked out of the Republican caucus.

This isn’t corrupt Vos’s first action against Brandtjen.  In November Vos kicked her out of his GOP caucus.  What a piece of work.

Corrupt Wisconsin Republican Assembly Majority Caucus Kicks out Election Integrity Champion Janel Brandtjen

Vos isn’t liked by many in the state other than Paul Ryan who’s continuously busy attempting to destroy President Trump, the outsider whom both party elites hate.

Vos did all he could to stop investigations into the 2020 Election and allow the uncertifiable results for Joe Biden to stand.

One Year After the 2020 Election Steal, Despite Promises from Wisconsin Speaker Vos Nothing Is Done, Because He Was In On the Drop Box Fraud

Now, one of the key players trying to stop the elections in Wisconsin from being stolen is being silenced by Paul Ryan’s buddy Robin Vos.  What a mistake. 

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