Black Lives Matter light up the sky in Washington DC with fires and destruction in the summer of 2020.

Former New York City Police Chief Bernie Kerik shared on Wednesday that Police Officer and widow Ann Dorn is owed an apology by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hollywood, and woke companies that supported BLM when they were destroying US cities.  

Kerik shared the following on Newsmax:

.@BernardKerik: “They owe Mrs. Dorn an apology because these people supported and funded Black Lives Matter from the beginning and all they’ve done is use that money for themselves.” @JohnFBachman @BiancaDLGarza


— Newsmax (@newsmax) July 21, 2022

BLM called for dead cops–and that’s what they got.

But they didn’t do it alone. Some of America’s largest corporations funded their carnage–from deadly riots across America to the murder of police officers–through donations to Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLM-GNF, “BLM”).
The widows and families of policemen who were killed during BLM riots are calling on woke corporations to apologize for their support of BLM-GNF and to pledge instead to support the communities that have been forever altered by BLM’s lies.
See the moving video below from the website:

With the murderer of David Dorn being brought to justice yesterday, this brings some relief.  But these murdered police heroes will never come back.  It’s time for woke corporations to stop funding BLM and start funding the communities destroyed by the group.

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