According to a report, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is to disband a group of victims’ advocates within his office known as the “Lifer” unit that notifies victims when the people convicted of harming them are about to begin parole hearings.

The Los Angeles DA has been criticized for his ongoing soft-on-crime policies and is facing a recall in November. He is another one of the Soros-backed officials who are responsible for the surge in crime impacting major cities around the nation. 

According to Fox News’ Bill Melugin, “The Parole Unit, also known as the “Lifer Unit,” will be disbanded by the end of the year. The move comes after Gascon has banned prosecutors from attending parole hearings.”

NEW: Sources in LA DA office tell me victim advocates in the “lifer” unit were told Tuesday they will soon no longer be allowed to notify crime victims/next of kin about an inmate’s upcoming parole hearings, because Gascon admin finds it “not appropriate ”. Unit to be disbanded.

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) July 14, 2022

Gascon’s office confirmed the move to Fox News. The “woke” decision noted that informing the victims can be “triggering” to them. They said that it bogs down resources and that, ultimately, it is the responsibility of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Gascon’s office said the Lifer Unit was already downsized under the administration of Los Angeles County’s previous District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, adding that victims still have access to the supportive services of its Victim Service Representatives.

Deputy District Attorney Julianne Walker has criticized the disbanding. Walker told Fox News, “Gascon continually puts forth ‘services’ as if he is protecting their’ rights.’ He is not. He is abandoning their constitutional rights and thinks a band-aid of some type of service like counseling will make up for his refusal to protect their rights.” 

I received a lengthy message from Julianne Walker, a victim advocate in the “lifer” unit being disbanded. She says the Gascon admin statement isn’t truthful for a number of reasons, which she lists below. She has given me permission to publish her statement on the record @FoxNews

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) July 14, 2022

With rising public outrage at the violent crime surging across Los Angeles, Gascón faces a probable recall election. The recall is pending verification of the more than 700,000 signatures handed in last week to place a recall on the next ballot.

An initial effort to recall Gascón was launched in 2021, though they could not reach the correct number of signatures. The second effort began in January as organizers officially sought to initiate a recall. 

Energized by the successful recall of Gascón’s successor in San Francisco, Dist. Atty. Chesa Boudin, the campaign is confident it can replicate that victory in Los Angeles as long it verifies enough signatures to force a recall on the election ballot.

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