This segment aired on SKY News this week on the latest COVID outbreak in England.

Academy Principal Tarun Kapur joined SKY to discuss the current situation at the Manchester schools. Kapur told SKY News that the people are glad to wear masks because it brings “a sense of security” to the staff and students (?)

Then Tarun Kapur dropped this bomb. There are 30 kids out after testing positive for coronavirus. And at the same time there are 14 students out suffering side effects from the vaccine.

And he said this with a straight face and no hint of the danger he is putting children through at the academy.

Kapur does not seem to understand the seriousness of what he just told the audience.

He has half as many out for vaccine side effects as the COVID virus and this does not strike him as odd?

Due to a test known to produce #false #positives, and #media #propoganda, 14 #children in one #school are off due #COVID19 #vaccine #AdverseReactions@CenturySeedz @jacwiljam @white_arrow_uk @MadetojaStig @itsjillgardner @YardleyShooting @BreesAnna @AnnadeBuisseret @KathMLee1

— Vedanta Empire (@VedantaEmpire) October 24, 2021

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