Covid cult members went berserk after the CDC updated its mask guidance and big box retailers dropped their mask mandates.

The CDC announced Thursday that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks indoors.

Walmart, Costco, Trader Joe’s and other retailers said they will no longer require vaccinated customers to wear masks.

For the mentally ill leftists (redundant, we know), Covid has become their religion, their identity and they relish in their daily OCD-fueled rituals such as sanitizing, isolating and masking.

Now that the CDC has effectively ended Covid mania and lifted the mask mandate for people who are vaxxed, the cultists are losing their minds.

The cultists are vowing to never take off their masks because they have no way of knowing who is vaccinated and who is unvaccinated.

How stupid! Now literally almost no one will wear a mask again. You can’t enforce masks for only “some” people with the “honor” system. Why would the CDC put this out before enough people have gotten vaccinated?

— DanielNewmaη (@DanielNewman) May 13, 2021

Other libs said they were going to continue to wear a mask so they didn’t get mistaken for a Republican.

i’m still gonna wear my mask in public even tho im fully vaccinated so i don’t get mistaken for a republican

— jess (@ClaryJessica) May 13, 2021

Many Covid Karens, despite being vaccinated, vowed to wear masks until they die.

You will have to pry this mask off my cold, dead face. I’m fully vaccinated but theres still a lot of unvaccinated, mouth-breathing neanderthals out there.

— Dr. Aurora Skylark (@EricaTastrofee) May 13, 2021

Come and take it! The government won’t tell me to take this mask off! You can pry it from my cold dead face. #COVID19 #Qanons #FirstAmendment

— Porker Posey (@dmckague) May 15, 2021

Now that I’ve been masking over a year and see the enormous benefits (haven’t gotten sick, no allergies, warm face in winter, NO CATCALLS ALL YEAR) …You will have to literally pry this mask off my face because I’m not giving it up, ever

— Dechanique (@dechanique) May 13, 2021

You can pry my mask off my cold, dead face. Not giving it up that easily!

— Lauren | Hustling for the good life (@HealthyDelish) May 13, 2021

Y’all couldn’t pry my mask off with a crowbar…just sayin’ it #OutLoud

— Nurse Ratchet (@ZEphotographic) May 14, 2021

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