Psalm 10:17 – Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them. 18 You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed, so mere people can no longer be terrified of them.

Many ask “where is God?” when they see the pain of the innocent and helpless. They accuse me of all sorts of evil because they think that I either do not care or that I simply am not. Yet I have heard their cries, and I have responded. They are helpless no more. I have sent my son to and for them. He is Emmanuel – God with us. And although He left the earth, He did not leave man helpless. He sent the comforter to comfort all those who mourn.

I know your hopes. Before you cried out I answered you. I have made a way for your healing. I’ve opened the door for your refuge. I have invited you into the place where mere people can no longer terrify you. I have invited all to partake of my comfort and love. To come and have all of their wounds mended. Come and give unto me all of their heavy burdens. To come and rest. To step into the waters and be healed.

This comfort and justice is set before you now. Will you accept it? Or will you continue to cast blame on the one who foresaw your pain and made a way for your transformation and healing? I am the door. It is open to you now. Will you walk through it by faith? Or will you allow the enemy who seeks to destroy you also keep you from your restoration? Come to me, and I will make all things new. I am here. I love you. I’ve seen every tear. I have heard your cry, and I offer to you justice and comfort. Come to the one who loves you and let me lift your head!


For one growing up in church, they could get the idea that sanctification is a process. That one becomes holier the closer he adheres to God's law and commandments now that they have received the free gift of salvation. However, righteousness is completely free! It is available to us through the finished work of Christ. It is all His doing. All His work! None of our own, lest we should boast. This is good news!


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