Isaiah 61:7 Instead of shame and dishonor,

    you will enjoy a double share of honor.
You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land,
    and everlasting joy will be yours.

“For I, the Lord, love justice.
    I hate robbery and wrongdoing.
I will faithfully reward my people for their suffering
    and make an everlasting covenant with them.
Their descendants will be recognized
    and honored among the nations.
Everyone will realize that they are a people
    the Lord has blessed.”


(God has promised that if we will put our trust in Him, He will pay us back for all the unfair things that have happened to us. (Paraphrase))

Punishment for the redeemed is unfair and unjust, because Jesus paid the price for us to go free. He paid every debt. To one who has repented of their sins; believed on Jesus unto salvation; and has become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, personal penance and retribution are no longer required in God’s eyes.

The law is no longer an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. The law has been fulfilled! The righteous/just requirement of the law was satisfied once and for all on the cross (Hebrews 10). God is no longer counting our (past) sins against us. No! Out past is all under the blood. Whether that past happened 30 years ago or 30 seconds ago does not matter. If you are in Christ, you cannot sin (1 John 3:6). If we continue to sin after coming to Christ, we clearly do not see the purpose of Christ’s coming or the value of being “in Him.” When we believe unto salvation, we are born again or born anew. All the old (including the past) has passed away, and everything has been made new. This includes your will (what you desire), your nature and your character.

So, when man tries to punish us for crimes that have already been “paid for” by the blood and body of our propitiation – our substitute – this is not God’s will. For He has set the transgressor free! Free to walk in righteousness. Free from sin and its power it once held over him. He is no longer a slave to sin, doomed to obey its every lust and desire, but he is now a slave to righteousness. Bound to produce the fruit of righteousness, because of his new nature. To punish the innocent is never condoned by God. He said that the suffering of Jesus was enough to cover all sin!


For one growing up in church, they could get the idea that sanctification is a process. That one becomes holier the closer he adheres to God's law and commandments now that they have received the free gift of salvation. However, righteousness is completely free! It is available to us through the finished work of Christ. It is all His doing. All His work! None of our own, lest we should boast. This is good news!


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