Since the very beginning, the created have set in their hearts to dethrone their creator.  This was the greatest conspiracy.  Lucifer conspired with one-third of the host of heaven to overthrow their king and their God.  They did not find success and for their scheme were cast out of heaven down to the earth.  Their defeat, however, was not the end of their conspiracy.  They simply altered their battle plan to gain more support in their war with the king of heaven.

That battle came to the sons of men.  Lucifer conspired to add to the number of his troops by enlisting man in his quest to bring all of creation under his dominion and control.  He was well aware that God’s original intent and design was for all of creation to live under a monarchy where He alone was God and king not just by might, but also by right.  This infuriated the rebellious and their hearts were set on the deception that they could be their own sovereign.  Man had bought into the vision of the father of lies that they could be their own masters.  The deception that man was meant to rule not only apart from God, but above and beyond Him who created all things.  That man was self-sufficient and had no need for God.

Since the beginning man has joined forces with Lucifer’s evil plot to bring all of creation under the power and dominion of the lordship of darkness.  Since the original deception and fall of man, the seed of rebellion and sin had taken root in the heart of man, and the harvest of that sin was death and destruction.  Man’s heart was deceitfully wicked.  Yet, no matter how hard he waged war to overcome his sin and discover the elixir of eternal life, the end always came to death.  All the good intentions and motivations of man’s heart were still rewarded with pain, sorrow, and ultimately death.

Yet, in the middle of the history of man, God chose to intervene.  He sent a redeemer.  His only son to reap the harvest of man’s sowing on Himself that he might in exchange give His reward of eternal life.  It was the greatest of gospels.  Here was God’s own son who sacrificed His own life for the lives of those who had openly engaged in the war of the ages to unseat His father from His throne.  He was persecuted.  He was despised and hated.  He was murdered, and yet He overcame.  He defeated sin and death and offered to man his victory and reward of eternal life.

Yet even in this victory, even with the defeat of sin and death, the war continued to rage.  The victor had been declared and the final outcome revealed beyond any shadow of doubt.  The greatest weapon in the enemy’s arsenal, death, was no match for the God of all life.  It was clear that since God could not be defeated through death, Lucifer would continue his deception to prevent as many of those intended to become the children of God from ever entering into God’s offer of eternal life.  He would convince them of his own delusion that God could still be defeated and that man could triumph without and over Him.

There are only two sides in this great conspiracy.  There are only two armies at war.  The kingdom of God which is light and good, and the kingdom of Lucifer which is dark and evil.  Every man has been born by the seed of sin.  Do not be deceived!  Every seed produces after its own kind.  One cannot change his own nature by mere strength of desire or will-power.  No, a change of nature is only achieved through faith in the finished work of Christ.  By faith, we must receive the free gift of God’s eternal life.  Acknowledge that our sin has separated us from life and is only deserving of death.  Acknowledge that all of our efforts and good works cannot earn that which we seek.  Acknowledge that we must follow His example and die to our “self,” and allow the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead rebirth us by the supernatural seed of life.  We must be born again!  We must repent of trying to justify ourselves and acknowledge our sin and great need of a savior.

To whoever receives by faith this free gift of eternal life, to him is given the right to be called the sons and daughters of God.  We are adopted into His family and enlisted in His army.  An army whose enemy is not flesh and blood, but rather against the spirit of the age – Lucifer.  Against the great conspiracy to overthrow and dethrone God.  Against his agenda to deceive as many as possible to prevent them from receiving the reward he so long ago forfeited.

The battle is real.  The war is ongoing.  This is the fight.  For the souls of men and women who are hopelessly deceived.  Those who are hurting and have not yet seen the true answer.  It is a war even for those who believe that they have no need of so great a salvation.  They are offered the same forgiveness of sin because they don’t know what they do.  God’s heart is that no one should come to their end and find themselves on the wrong side of this battle.  He desires that all should come to repentance.

Sadly, however, much of the church has been deceived as well.  We have lost the plot.  We have ignored the true battle while still busying ourselves with a fight.  It’s just been the wrong fight.  We fight for our civil liberties and rights.  We fight for a freedom that has been won with a sword.  We fight for a temporal building that will one day burn like wood, hay, and stubble.  We fight against men and women.  We see the illegal alien as the enemy.  We believe the (right) politician to be the answer.  We hope to succeed in legislating morality.  We do all this while ignoring the battle plan that God has laid out.  We lay aside His weapons and resort to the gun and the sword.  We are willing to sacrifice the souls of countless men as women for the preservation of our own rights and liberties.  Our prayers are selfishly motivated by the inconveniences the lost present in our daily activities and routines.

The church has been deceived.  They have believed the government to be the problem.  The contend that the government shall be the answer.  The church is victim to its own unbelief and deception.  We read in Chronicles that God will heal our land if we “vote.”  We believe that the conspiracy is to strip us of our Constitutional rights.  That the conspiracy is to take away our American freedom.  We are too short-sighted to see that the conspiracy is far deeper.  It reaches far greater than our temporal comforts.  The true conspiracy is for the souls of men and women.  It is to separate men from this life.  It is to prevent women and children from ever entering into the promise of eternal life.

The conspiracy is very real.  However, the great mystery has been revealed in Christ.  In Him is the revelation of life and life eternal.  Only in Him is found true rest and peace.  He offers victory to all would but come to Him and receive it.  He charges those who have found this life to not only uncover the conspiracy but to rescue those prisoners of war who have been held captive for far too long behind enemy lines.

The Ancient of Days, the commander of the armies of heaven has been sounding a rallying cry.  The time is short!  The end is near!  Open your eyes to see the real battle that we are fighting.  Rescue all those who find themselves trapped in the crosshairs of this age-old conspiracy against God.  Against man.


For one growing up in church, they could get the idea that sanctification is a process. That one becomes holier the closer he adheres to God's law and commandments now that they have received the free gift of salvation. However, righteousness is completely free! It is available to us through the finished work of Christ. It is all His doing. All His work! None of our own, lest we should boast. This is good news!


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