Psalm 2:12 – Blessed are those who put their trust in Him.

I the Lord have heard your cry. Your voice has reached My ears on My holy mountain. I the Lord have answered you. Yet there is something for you to gain still before the end. There is something more I want to add to you before the end. Be assured, your end has already been declared. I the Lord have spoken. It is finished.

You are invited to enter into my rest. Let go of your anxiety. Let go of your fear and worry. Lift up your eyes. Let me lift up your head. I am your shield. I will sustain and keep you. Even if 10,000 men set themselves against you, do not be afraid. Don’t fear, for I am with you. Greater is He that is in you and is one with you, than he who is in the world.

I am your salvation, and the work has already been done to accomplish it. Your salvation is finished. My Son has won the day. I the Lord have declared your victory. Why would you fear? Why would you be afraid? Let my love crush your fears.


For one growing up in church, they could get the idea that sanctification is a process. That one becomes holier the closer he adheres to God's law and commandments now that they have received the free gift of salvation. However, righteousness is completely free! It is available to us through the finished work of Christ. It is all His doing. All His work! None of our own, lest we should boast. This is good news!


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